EUROVISION 2021: Our Ones To Watch

Tonight sees the first semi-final of this years Eurovision Song Contest take place and after a year hiatus due to Covid-19 last year we are finally in the Netherlands for a real Eurovision competition and so many countries have pulled out their A-game to make an impact.

In this article we are going to tell you some of our top picks and ones to watch out for after seeing their first rehearsals last week….. let the show begin!

  1. IRELAND – Lesley Roy ‘Maps’

You didn’t think we could kick things off without mentioning our own representative did you? And after a few years of not so good results, we feel that ‘Maps’ could be our way back to Eurovision glory. The song is an uptempo pop track that has gathered momentum with Eurovision fans as well as chart success in Ireland which is pretty unheard of in recent years. The staging is set to be fresh, new and exciting with the use of augmented reality, a first for Eurovision and a step up for the usual Irish staging so we cannot wait to see it on stage this evening.

2. MALTA – Destiny ‘Je Me Casse’

Ok, we all love a pop-tastic, bop of a song at Eurovision and this is brought to us this year from 18 year old X-Factor Malta and Junior Eurovision winner Destiny. She has huge vocals, great stage presence and a super catchy song to boot. On stage there is a lot of pink neon and sparkle but that’s what we expect from Eurovision and we can see this ending the top 3 this weekend when the Grand Final takes place.

3. FRANCE – Barbara Pravi ‘Voila’

France are one of the Big 5 that don’t need to qualify from the Semi Finals because they contribute more money to the contest than other countries so they have a slight step up on other countries but their track record isn’t the best with them in the bottom half of the leaderboard at the end of Grand Final night quite a bit. But this year they are sending a strong ballad which has haunting vocals and a very simple staging which sets it apart from a lot of the show so we can see this as a potential winner.

4. SWITZERLAND – G’jon Tears ‘Tout I’Univers’

One of the favourites for lasts years contest before it was cancelled is once again on of the favourites for this years title. The song is powerful, his voice is superb and the delivery is excellent on stage with a very minimalist approach to staging. We think this is a sure fire top 5 finish on Saturday evening!

5. CYPRUS – Elena Tsagrinou ‘El Diablo’

Who didn’t love Fuego a few years ago from Cyrpus? Well this is Fuego 2.0 with a high energy performance, dancers, flames, fireworks and the kitchen sink! Cyprus have thrown everything at this song to make an impact and try to finally win the title and although we don’t think it has the potential to win the whole contest we do think this is the song that will play throughout Europe all summer in bars and clubs (if they reopen of course). This is Lady Gaga meets Eurovision and we love it!

6. ITALY – Maneskin ‘Zitti E Buoni’

So, not our typical style of music but we think Italy could be in with a dark-horse shot at the win this week with a unique song and nothing else in the competition similar. It’s glam rock vibe, cool costumes and catchy hook, this could be what people want in 2021.

Make sure to tune into the first Semi Final tonight from 8pm on local stations (BBC, RTE and other).

Then on Thursday for Semi Final 2 and on Saturday at 8pm for the Grand Final of the 65th Eurovision Song Contest!

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