EUROVISION 2021: The BEST Of The Best

With the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest taking place tonight from 8pm, we thought we should share some of the best Eurovision winners in our opinion!

The contest is now in it’s 65th year and includes wins from almost every country which has taken part but some more than others with Ireland having the most with 7 wins followed by the United Kingdom and Sweden who are close on our heels. But who will be crowned the champions this evening?

Before the show begins, here are our Top 5 winners from the previous 64 competitions:

Number 5: ABBA ‘Waterloo’ 1974

Number 4: Mans Zelmerow ‘Heroes’ 2015

Number 3: Niamh Kavanagh ‘In Your Eyes’ 1993

Number 2: Conchita ‘Rise Like A Phoenix’ 2014

Number 1: Loreen ‘Euphoria’

Who will join these winners? Watch the Eurovision Grand Final tonight from 8pm on all local stations including BBC (UK) and RTE (Ireland)

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