High School Musical Returns

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Ok, so when we heard that High School Musical was being revived in a brand new television series format for the new Disney+ network, we were worried but fear not, Disney has cleverly retitled it High School Musical The Musical The Series (slightly long winded we know).

The show is based on the original location East High, a secondary school for our Irish viewers, and the students of the school producing a stage version of the original film.

So it’s no a remake of the original but we do get to hear all the great songs from the original movie as well as some amazing new songs specially written for the show.

As Pop On Down is all about music our top picks from the show are Wondering sang by Olivia Rodriguez (who goes on to play Gabriella) and Born To Be Brave, an uptempo pop banger!

So the show is slightly cringe but reliving your childhood and the story of Troy and Gabriella is well worth it!

Check out the full soundtrack here:

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