Ireland At Eurovision

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To kick off what would have been Eurovision Week 2020, we are going to look back at some of the best Irish entries from the past and throughout this week we will be bringing you our favourites from this years songs and the ones we feel could have taken home the crown but unfortunately will never get that opportunity as the songs of 2020 are lost forever (they cannot participate next year as is the rules with the EBU that songs cannot be published or performed publicly before September of the preceding year).

So here are Pop On Down’s picks of the best of Ireland at Eurovision:

Without a shadow of a doubt, our No.1 is 1993 winner Niamh Kavanagh with ‘In Your Eyes’.

Another absolute classic from Ireland came in the form of 3 time winner (twice as the artist and once as the songwriter) Johnny Logan’s second winning entry ‘Hold Me Now’.

A song that we feel should have done better for Ireland was the 2018 entry ‘Together’ by Ryan O’Shaughnessy. It broke the curse of Ireland not making the final and gave us our best result in a number of years.

And now to the slightly out there twins that took Eurovision by storm for two consecutive years for Ireland. Jedward may not be to everyone’s taste but they did bring some life and much needed high scoring for Ireland in 2011 with their first entry ‘Lipstick’.

And we couldn’t go through our top picks without mentioning what could have been in 2020 for us. Lesley Roy brought a fun, catchy pop song that could have earned us a final place once more. ‘The Story Of My Life’ is an inspiring and uplifting song that brings us joy every time we hear it.

Check back here daily this week to see our top picks of the 2020 songs and which ones we think could have won the contest.

Also make sure to watch Europe: Shine A Light this Saturday on your national broadcaster to see all 2020 artists along with some of the greatest Eurovision moments of all time.

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