Jack Rua releases new album!

One of the first artists we featured a few months ago in our Lockdown Interview sessions was Dublin born singer/songwriter Jack Rua and he is back with a brand new album and we LOVE it!

The eclectic mix of pop, glam rock and a sprinkling of theatre makes this album a perfect one for listening to in your bedroom, on public transport or in the club, there is something for everyone and everywhere on this album.

Released today, Jack says “Narcissus is a pop mini album that is lyrically a coming-of-age album which juxtaposes the joys of self-discovery with the personal and global anxieties you feel when you get a bit older.”

A classically trained vocalist and musician who blends well crafted pop music with electronic-dance and glam-rock influences, Jack has established himself as an artist who strives to differ from the norm. A rebellious and avant-garde individual, both musically and characteristically, Jack’s personal development over the past four years has undoubtedly fueled the unique creativity that is now fully unveiled with the release of Narcissus. The album charts the singer-songwriter’s journey after he graduated from college, moved away from home to New York City and broke up from a long-term relationship.

Reflection”, which is the latest single from the album, is the album’s closing track, Jack writes about how he continuously strives to present himself as a confident and bolshy character. “Even though I’m very confident and sure of myself, there are days when I just don’t feel like that at all and I really don’t like the skin that I’m in. So the project ends where it began, with me, except this time the reflection is not quite what I want.”

You can listen to the full album now on digital platforms from today!

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