Lauv – Acoustic Lockdown Session

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We brought you an acoustic session yesterday and today the sessions keep coming and this time it’s in the form of mega pop star Lauv!

Lauv has re-recorded his song ‘Modern Loneliness’ to raise funds for COVID19 relief efforts and for us, this acoustic version is possibly better than the original (and we LOVE the original version).

The power ballad was written as both a statement and a commentary on society and our relationships with social media, where we are increasingly “alone together”—a sentiment that is even more relevant during this time.

The single was released as part of a merch bundle to raise money for Partners In Health’s Coronavirus relief work. So far the merch bundle and other live-streams he has done has raised over $30,000.

You can purchase the merch bundle today at:


And check out the single ‘Modern Loneliness’ here:

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