NEW ARTIST: Morris Madrone

It’s not often we find a new artist that we listen to a few times on repeat in the space of the same hour but when we came across Morris Madrone, his new single ‘Something In The Heart’ had us hooked.

It’s a mix of ethnic rhythms and soulful vocals and wouldn’t be out of place in a movie soundtrack.

The Californian singer-songwriter takes his soulful voice to even greater heights with “Something In The Heart,” released last week, and is available now across all music platforms.

Something In The Heart” is a rousing call to action to follow your passion. Drums mimic a heartbeat rhythm as Morris Madrone’s driving vocals slowly begin to build the energy of this upbeat, indie pop-rock tune. Uplifting coos and chants set off Madrone’s anthemic, hopeful lyrics.

The singer channels generations of pop music through his blend of 90’s house music and sing-along piano rock that crescendos into a supportive reminder to believe in your own power.

When writing “Something In The Heart,” Madrone found a unique source of inspiration. “I normally write songs from a fictional perspective, but this song truly came from within,” he says about the optimistic lyrics. After a challenging year filled with hardship and struggle, “Something In The Heart” carries a hopeful message—you can always seize your happiness, even in the darkest moments.

And this song is giving us this feel and we can’t stop listening to it, check it out below:

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