NEW MUSIC: Notelle – ‘Diet Change’

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Notelle is an artist we have watched closely this year and she just keeps getting better and we LOVE it!

Based in Nashville, TN, Notelle has been working since 2014 with DJs and producers around the globe. She has accumulated over 19+ million streams on Spotify, as both a writer & a vocalist, with repeat features on over 16 Spotify Editorial playlists and tracks signed to over 15 + labels – all while remaining independent. 

Unafraid of the dark, singer/songwriter Notelle finds inspiration in the shadows, turning her pain into something unpolished, something hauntingly powerful.

Known for her “nightmare pop” sound, Notelle steps outside her element, delivering something more vulnerable with her newest single “Diet Change” — written in the midst of pain, “Diet Change” is raw, unfiltered and a complex, yet honest depiction of what it’s like to heal from heartbreak.

Notelle shares her raw emotions behind the new single, stating that “Diet Change” is by far the most personal song [she’s] ever released, leaving her feeling terrified, as if she’s bleeding out in front of the world. As a songwriter, she writes for others constantly, but with “Diet Change,” she was writing for herself.

Check out the new single here:

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