NEW MUSIC: ORLA Brings Us ‘Close To Me’

It’s not often we get a new artist and single into Pop On Down that has been on repeat since we got it, we must have listened to this new track from ORLA at least 50 times!

ORLA is a Soul/Pop/R&B artist, who grew up in Brussels but is now based in Dublin. She began writing her own songs at fourteen, listening to artists such as Lauryn Hill and Alicia Keys. She was inspired by the raw honesty and unique storytelling of their music and knew she wanted to find her own voice in song-writing. Drawn to the music scene in Dublin, she left home at seventeen and moved to Ireland to study music and to perform.

Her music continues to evolve, taking influence from artists such as Sabrina Claudio and Lana Del Rey. All the while keeping honest lyrics, luscious harmonies and a powerful vocal delivery at the core of what she writes.

‘Close to Me’ is ORLA’s Debut single. It is released across all platforms today. This is the first of a series of singles ORLA will be releasing over the next 6 months.

“Close to Me expresses the pain of recognising a relationship is over but feeling desperate to keep that person close to you for just a little bit longer. The song is one last attempt to hold onto someone I knew I had already lost. It is a vulnerable and honest response to the end of love.”

And we LOVE it! Check it out now below and follow ORLA on all social channels as we are sure she is going to be huge!

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