NEW VIDEO: Kiey Brings Us ‘Piccadilly’

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Today we bring you a video which has already amassed over 1 million views on YouTube and has become a huge internet hit. The mix of great animation and real life eccentricity makes it a brilliant video and a catchy electro pop track.

Kiey has taken inspiration for this track from Vietnam where he spent 3 years studying. Kiey’s atmospheric, dreamy track is the perfect introduction to an artist whose music transcends culture and will hit home with listeners wherever they are.

Kiey first started producing music in 2015 during his free time at University at King’s College in London, using every opportunity to learn how to create his own music and get his hands on equipment which he had no access to in his home country of Vietnam, whose communist rule frowns upon music of this kind, with much of the country’s airwaves taken up with traditional ballads.

Returning to Vietnam, he was determined to follow through with his dream of creating music influenced by some of his musical heroes, including Lana Del Rey, Sia and Troye Sivan – the result is the album Night to Myself, from which the track Piccadilly is taken, a stunning mix of melancholic electro textures and Kiey’s vocals set in a neon dreamworld in which he yearns to return to the dark yet exciting streets of London.

Kiey may now live thousands of miles away from his old apartment just around the corner from Piccadilly Circus but his music is a fitting tribute and a suitably haunting, eerie video to accompany the track was released just in time for Halloween. With a brand-new album expected in early 2021, Piccadilly is your official introduction to the world of Kiey, an artist who is as engaging and exciting as he is prolific. All instrumentation, production and mastering has been completed on Kiey’s tracks by the artist himself.

The new video can be seen here:




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