Notelle Gets Us Feeling ‘Alive’

Love Billie Eilish? Well we have found the new Billie with incredible music!

Based in Nashville, TN, Notelle has been working since 2014 with DJs and producers around the globe. She has accumulated over 12+ million streams on Spotify, as both a writer & a vocalist, with repeat features on over 16 Spotify Editorial playlists and tracks signed to over 15+ labels – all while remaining independent. 

Now, Notelle is exploring her solo artistry, developing her own version of “dark industrial pop”. Recognized by The Nashville Scene & Tuned Up Music’s “Nashville Artist To Watch” in 2020, Notelle is quickly making a name for herself in the noisy, over-saturated, Nashville pop world.

Written on brink of hysteria, “Alive” tells how truly electrifying madness can feel. Interlacing themes of toxic love with the societal habit to discredit women’s emotions, Notelle’s newest track manages to package up honest, gut-wrenching self-awareness in nervy, sonic insanity. Gritty intimate vocals deliver visceral lyrics, wooly low end drives through distorted synths, and her signature exploratory progressive production makes “Alive” Notelle’s most intriguing track to date.

We absolutely LOVE it and have added it to our own playlists for listening to!

Check out the song now on Spotify and other streaming platforms and keep an eye on the name Notelle as we can assure you, you will be hearing about it a lot more!

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