Jane Henderson Is Crystal Clear With New Single

Glasgow singer Jane Henderson is releasing her first original single ‘Crystal Clear’ and it’s a total bop!

A huge dance track that salutes her home town of Glasgow, but also sends the message that what you may be searching for in life could be right in front of you. In this current climate we are facing the message couldn’t be more true. After 6 months of planning for the release Jane almost gave up due to recent Coronavirus pandemic. After encouragement from friends she knew she had to continue to drive the release forward hoping it will give some relief for others having a bad time.

Jane Henderson is a power house! She has the huge diva voice, glowing personality and is unapologetically herself! What makes this release extra special is the song was written in Los Angeles by childhood best friend Cameron Neilson (Alloa). Some notable moments for Cameron were appearing on ‘The X factor’ in 2010 and writing his first Billboard Number 1 in 2019 with the song “Icy” for Korean girlband ITZY. Additionally, he worked with America’s Got Talent finalists’ and several top US DJs and producers. 

Another song that we have lined up for our summer playlist, this song wouldn’t be out of place on the Love Island soundtrack! Check out the single below:

And make sure to purchase the single now on iTunes at


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  1. Here in Germany we love the song.
    I played the song during my DJ live stream at FB and the people celebrate this song!
    Thank for this tune!!!



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