NEW MUSIC: ‘The Descent’ TakeS Us In A Different Direction

We don’t often stray from the normal pop and upbeat vibes here at Pop On Down but when we got sent an email about a jaw-dropping new track which mixed theatre with rock and set with a spoken lyric, it intrigued us.

And we were not disappointed when we checked out the new single from The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara called ‘The Descent’ which is released today.

The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara (TCOMAS) are a London-based duo formed in late 2019 by Andrea Papi and Daphne Ang. Inspired by the musical innovations of Kraftwerk and TOOL and the poetry of Sylvia Plath, Virginia Woolf, and Jim Morrison. TCOMAS continues to fill a gap in music by bringing together music and literature into a sonic space where poetry and the spoken word meets electronic and rock.

The track and video is both epic and thrilling as well as heartfelt and emotional when you see the changing face our our world.

The song offers a glimpse into the psyche and essence of Mother Nature and her duality – who is both at once Gaia – the gentlest mother, who at her bosom feeds plants and all things living, and Mother Nature – the great equaliser, the wrathful goddess Kali, she who is the source of all of Earth’s calamities. 

Hypnotic, meditative, and bittersweet, ‘The Descent’ seeks to evoke an experience of the purity and beauty of Mother Nature and how quickly she can turn into a wild and destructive force, bringing death and desolation to all who stand in her path. represents nature’s freedom from civilisation. 

It may not be our typical type of music but we LOVE something different and we LOVE this new track!

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