Ryan O’Shaughnessy drops new single ‘Lucky One’

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If you haven’t heard of the name, Ryan O’Shaughnessy, you have been missing out! This is all you need to know about his new single, Lucky One which is released today!

Whether you know him from Britain’s Got Talent, Eurovision, The Voice, Fair City or just for his brilliant music, you will for sure understand the passion and drive Ryan has for bringing creativity to the fore in what he does best.

His new single ‘Lucky One’ which dropped today on his own record label Bayview Records, is based around his time travelling the world and was written just before he went into lockdown in LA and used the time to produce new music, stellar collaborations and give his fans what they have been waiting for.

Ryan says “This song reflects on my time spent traveling in South America last year, learning more about people and therefore more about myself. The importance of acknowledging each experience that life puts in front of you and remembering to be grateful for the good and accepting of the bad.”

Although we love the track, we are superbly envious of the video and the amount of travelling and cool spots Ryan has taken in in the past year. It gave us the little escape from the office we all needed right now and definitely put some places on our bucket list.

On releasing his new single ‘Lucky One’, Ryan comments: “This is my first single in over two years so I’m excited to share my thoughts and experiences via the music and video. Looking back at my time in South America I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to travel and meet so many wonderful people along the way, this hits home even more so now during these unprecedented times.”

“Lucky One” is available on all digital outlets from today and check out the super cool video below!

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